Gourmet Cake Flavors


WEDDING WHITE Our best-selling light & fluffy white cake. It's not just for brides!

RASPBERRY SWIRL A delicate vanilla cake swirled with raspberry puree

SOUR CREAM CHOCOLATE An extra moist traditional chocolate cake, sure to please any chocolate lover!

KAHLUA FUDGE A decadent chocolate cake with gourmet chocolate chips and coffee liqueur

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY An indulgent chocolate & raspberry puree cake

RED VELVET A classic red cocoa buttermilk cake

YELLOW A rich and buttery yellow cake

MARBLE Exceptional yellow cake swirled with fudgy chocolate cake

LEMON A moist and sweet lemon cake

CARROT Old fashioned carrot cake with just the right amount of spice


BUTTERCREAM Our signature homemade vanilla buttercream, it's heavenly!

RASPBERRY BUTTERCREAM Light & fruity raspberry buttercream, made with real raspberry puree

CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM The perfect marriage of buttercream and chocolate ganache resulting in a creamy chocolate frosting

GANACHE A thick, velvety chocolate filling made with gourmet chocolate and cream

PEANUT BUTTER BUTTERCREAM Smooth & luscious peanut butter buttercream

SALTED CARAMEL BUTTERCREAM Our homemade caramel and a touch of kosher salt create one of our favorite fillings yet

PASSION FRUIT BUTTERCREAM A refreshing tropical blend of sweet and tart flavors


BUTTERCREAM Our signature homemade vanilla buttercream

FONDANT Frosted with our silky Italian Meringue Buttercream then covered in a smooth sugar dough

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